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Dealpath is purpose-built to empower CRE investment teams, from analysts all the way through to executives, to reduce manual work, build efficiencies and maximize impact.



Spend less time on manual, duplicative tasks and more time on the work that matters most

Deal Team Leaders

Simplify team management with real-time visibility and act with confidence


Command your business and project results with data-backed conviction

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Entering deal data

Manually enter deal data into a pipeline tracking spreadsheet
Create new deals, including relevant data, information and images, in seconds with Dealpath Data Ingestion Learn more about Dealpath Data Ingestion


Hours spent scouring spreadsheets and emails for updates to meet stakeholder deadlines
Automate weekly reporting or create bespoke stakeholder reports in minutes See six reports that investors automate in Dealpath


Hours spent scouring data sources to find relevant comparables
Slice and dice data in Dealpath to surface relevant comparables in seconds Learn how to strengthen data-driven decisions

Workflow tracking

Deadlines slip through the cracks as timelines change
Clear, real-time visibility into ongoing workflows, upcoming milestones and team accountability Learn how teams collaborate in lockstep

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After Dealpath

Team Management

Decentralized processes cause teams to prioritize administrative work, often resulting in duplicative tasks
Automate manual work, increasing team bandwidth to evaluate more deals and prioritize strategy Learn how deal teams elevate strategy

Pipeline Updates

Team members track deal activity in silos, adding friction to stakeholder updates
Create firmwide, real-time visibility into the latest updates by tracking your pipeline in one source of truth

Workflows and Collaboration

Critical dates are scattered in various systems, resulting in preventable and potentially costly errors
Never miss another deadline and create accountability across your team with standardized, role-based workflows and approvals Learn how teams collaborate in lockstep


Siloed data makes it challenging for teams to act on historical comparables
Slice and dice your proprietary deal database to surface relevant comparables and make confident data-driven decisions Learn how to strengthen data-driven decisions

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Reporting and Forecasting

Fragmented systems of record force executives to either comb through inboxes or wait for updates
Inform projections and view projected closing and delivery dates with real-time visibility Learn how Managing Directors project results

Team Efficiency

Manual, inefficient deal evaluation and execution processes exhaust team bandwidth, requiring new hires to support growth
Build operational efficiencies and see every update that matters by working from a command center and scaling with technology Learn how to digitize investment processes

Risk Management

Siloed deal tracking leads to preventable human error as teams miss deadlines
Add institutional rigor to your investment process with smart alerts and standardized workflows, including closing approvals and an audit trail

Data-Driven Underwriting & Decisions

It’s challenging and time-consuming to compile evidence you can trust for multi-million dollar investment decisions
Activate a market-leading data strategy with a proprietary deal database to identify trends, validate assumptions, inform decision making and shape business strategy Learn how to strengthen data-driven decisions

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Investment Committee Decisions

IC members request additional information and comparables before approving a deal, delaying capital deployment
View a holistic picture of financials and slice and dice data to unearth additional comparables that support the investment thesis

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After Dealpath

View Deal Progress Updates

Siloed third parties must inquire about pending updates and next steps via email
Instantly view real-time updates for every deal you’re assigned to in Dealpath

Submitting Documentation and Updates

Deal teams request input, data and documentation as needed via email, complicating version control
Third parties receive automated reminders to provide updates or documents, which are submitted directly in Dealpath

Before Dealpath

After Dealpath

Fund Allocation

Scattered deal information and disjointed email threads make it difficult to understand how deals align to target risk profiles
Better manage risk as a fiduciary with real-time visibility into standardized deal metrics and deliver on investor expectations


Back-of-the-napkin fund allocation processes create risk for fund managers
Memorialize fund allocation decision making and strengthen investor relationships by reporting on opportunities considered for each fund’s portfolio

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