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Deal Management Software Streamlining Real Estate Dispositions

Improve Transparency and Collaboration by Managing Your Disposition Pipeline in a Centralized Source of Truth

Track Disposition Deals & Package Deal Information To Successfully Harvest Investments

Harvesting your investments can be a labor-intensive and cumbersome process. Gathering information and tracking each deal from pre-marketing to close is clunky and burdensome. There is no single source of truth for all your dispositions, and unstructured files for each asset are siloed.

Manage your commercial real estate dispositions in Dealpath. Dealpath centralizes the data, files and other relevant details for a seamless broker hand-off. Once deals are on the market, Dealpath gives decision makers and disposition stakeholders visibility and transparency on property roll ups, sale activity and crucial milestones to successfully harvest your investments with the best possible ROI.

Empower Brokers to List Properties Immediately & Gain Visibility Into Real Estate Disposition Deals

Before brokers can list your property and begin shopping offers, they need access to important historical data that’s often buried in a spreadsheet, outdated, or in a worst-case scenario — lost following employee turnover. 

Gather the information required to put the property on the market and liquidate your asset in just a few clicks in Dealpath. Using Dealpath, you can instantly disseminate information to brokers and track every deal’s status as they unfold in real time, or facilitate streamlined off-market transactions with all tasks and data tracked in one place:

Export asset management, financing, acquisition, and development deal data

to instantly provide brokers with the information required to list the property

Create reports

that are filterable by deal stage, location, property type and other variables, to view progress on various disposition deals

Standardize conditional deal workflow templates

for turnkey execution, including automated workflows

Manage and assign tasks

required for every deal to seamlessly collaborate, track ahead of deadlines and create org-wide accountability

Centralize deal data, files, communications

and other information for full visibility across your team

Add brokers as third-party collaborators

so they can independently view, download and edit property information for designated properties

Manage the Entire Disposition Process in One Platform

“We explored several deal tracking solutions but nothing else came close to what Dealpath delivered. The robust platform and ability to customize to our needs has significantly increased collaboration and efficiency within our teams. It’s truly made our lives so much easier.”

Holden Latimer
VP of Acquisitions, Asset Management, and Dispositions at Bridge Investment Group

Deliver on Returns With Best-In-Class Property Dispositions Deal Management Software

Schedule a demo now to see how Dealpath streamlines real estate dispositions.

First, we’ll audit your current systems and processes to learn how brokers currently access the information they need to list properties, as well as how your team tracks ongoing progress. Then, we’ll demonstrate how Dealpath retains historical information for a seamless hand-off, while also tracking progress for every deal in your pipeline.

Fully configurable based on your needs, Dealpath’s property dispositions deal management software includes a Dealpath-led implementation process managed by a world-class customer success team. Your investment process won’t skip a beat.

Systemize Broker Communication & Manage Real Estate Dispositions With Ease

If your team is struggling to save, update and store data throughout the deal lifecycle, and especially as assets change hands within your firm, there’s a better way to manage dispositions.

Systemize broker communication and deal tracking throughout the real estate dispositions process with Dealpath. As your real estate investment command center, Dealpath corrals all deal data relevant to dispositions, while simultaneously tracking important milestones throughout the dispositions process.

With collaborator-level access to designated deals in Dealpath, brokers can find all of the documents, files and other information they need to list properties on the market.

  • Provide brokers with third-party collaborator access permissions to view, download, upload or edit deal information
  • Easily generate property reports to share relevant historical data
  • Protect sensitive institutional deal data by assigning selective permissions to control access

7 of the Top 10 Real Estate Investment Firms Manage Their Deals in Dealpath

As the industry’s most-trusted purpose-built real estate deal management software for real estate dispositions, firms of all sizes trust Dealpath as the single source of truth. From top-ranking giants like Blackstone with hundreds of billions in assets under management to smaller, market-focused firms like T2 Capital Management, investment managers rely on Dealpath to corral deal information for brokers and track progress in real time.

Over $ 0 Trillion
Transactions Evaluated

Using Dealpath’s data analysis and reporting capabilities, users have evaluated over $10 trillion in investment transactions and counting.

Security You Can Trust

Dealpath is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and committed to delivering secure, resilient and highly available cloud-native applications and data services to our clients.

Trusted by

Blackstone Real Estate

Every day, the Blackstone Real Estate team relies on Dealpath to preserve and leverage institutional data by building reports, comparing deals, and more.

Trusted by Blackstone Real Estate

“Dealpath plays a crucial role at both the beginning and the end of the funnel. What I mean by that is when we initially approach an investment, it allows us to systematize that data. Then, it also allows us to carry that data all the way through to our disposition process.”

Step-By-Step Guide for Setting Your Real Estate Firm Up for Software Success

Deploying the correct solution requires a thorough understanding of current challenges, outcomes-based evaluation criteria, and a detail-oriented due diligence process. Download this playbook to learn how you can approach the evaluation process with a thoughtful framework by identifying goals and aligning on priorities.

Streamline Property Dispositions With Dealpath

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