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Dealpath Data Ingestion (DDI)

Does your deal management platform eliminate manual data entry or create more work?

Seamlessly Extract & Ingest Deals Easier, Faster and More Accurately with Dealpath Data Ingestion

Extract & Ingest
Deals Into Your Deal Management Software Faster, Easier and More Accurately

Every day, you receive OMs, CIMs, listings, comps and other deals. Dealpath Data Ingestion (DDI) eliminates the cumbersome process of manual deal data entry. As you receive new flyers, DDI seamlessly creates new pipeline opportunities so that your deal team can act instantly.

DDI in 3 Easy Steps

Identify OM/listing for extraction
Forward to Dealpath data ingestion team
See the live deal in Dealpath


Eliminate manual data entry

Scale your pipeline with ease and save your team hours of manual work each week.

Prioritize higher-value work

Free up your deal teams to focus on sharpening data-driven analyses, exploring new markets and negotiation.

Maintain a competitive advantage

Evaluate new deals before competitors. DDI seamlessly creates new deals in Dealpath, all while enhancing your data analytics.

Vetted, tested and proven data services with 96% accuracy

Polluting your deal management software with bad data is dangerous – your data is only as good as its accuracy. DDI’s data extraction process includes a manual review, ensuring your deal data is clean and error-free.

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