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Realcomm Webinar: 3 Ways IT Teams Can Remove Inefficiencies Across the Pipeline

Realcomm CRE Enterprise Tech Series Part II: Investment Management- Dealpath Webinar Presentation

The latest Realcomm webinar featured a panel of commercial real estate software and investment management experts exploring the process of finding, evaluating, and implementing strategic software solutions as the economy recovers and market opportunities accelerate.

Understanding the Commercial Real Estate Software Landscape

Chuck Niswonger, President of NiceNets Consulting, opened the webinar by explaining the issues that many investment management firms have historically faced as they strive to remain competitive, as well as the factors that might indicate it’s time for new software:

  • If leadership asks a question regarding assets under management and must wait a week for the answer
  • If your current system can’t easily track assets under management and investor contributions
  • If your company attempted to implement new software, and it wasn’t adopted throughout the organization
  • If investors have expressed that they no longer wish to receive paper copies of investment reports

Driving Organizational Success by Removing Pipeline Inefficiencies

Following Chuck’s introduction, Joe Moskowitz, Dealpath’s Director of Business Development and Strategic Solutions, explained how IT teams should conduct their software search to ensure that it satisfies wide-ranging organizational objectives.

Joe kicked off this conversation by highlighting the importance of a strategic, goal-oriented implementation process. By capitalizing on both the experience and existing framework of previous implementations, IT teams can find software that both accomplishes their goals and allows them to implement and adopt the platforms faster.

Following the importance of a strong implementation process, Joe demonstrated how new software should add day-to-day value for all users, from analysts managing pipeline, all the way up to leadership seeking detailed, informative reports. If software won’t add real value based on your unique processes, then it may not drive your success.

While software can help reduce friction by digitizing manual processes, it can also enhance existing tools by adding new capabilities and integrating data. As part of this search, IT teams should consider whether or not prospective software can leverage existing software and digital infrastructure to add new capabilities throughout the investment management process. Additionally, the best software is built with a future-facing roadmap that promises new, evolving capabilities.

How Oxford Properties Removed Pipeline Inefficiencies

As the final piece of the presentation, Joe described how Oxford Properties implemented Dealpath to:

  • Centralize and standardize data
  • Gain instant pipeline visibility
  • Pull real-time and historical data in minutes
  • Reduce ad-hoc reporting requests

Be sure to watch the full webinar to hear more about the importance of finding efficiency-boosting software that provides IT teams the opportunity to add real, day-to-day value across investment teams.

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