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Dealpath Case Study

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Avanath Capital Management is a private real estate investment manager generating attractive risk-adjusted returns through current income and capital appreciation from its investments. Avanath utilizes a differentiated, focused investment strategy to pursue opportunities in affordable multifamily housing in major metropolitan areas across the United States.

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*As of 5/19/22

The Challenge

Avanath recognized that there was an opportunity to centralize their data and update their systems to increase team efficiency and power their firm’s future growth. They had previously been using Excel and a project management tool to track their pipeline and manage their deals, but their current tools could not keep up with their increased deal activity. They needed something easy-to-use and tailored to their business needs to help quickly deploy their new $760M equity fund within two years.

We closed and committed on over $1 billion in real estate in 2021, which was a record for Avanath.

Connor Mortland
Director of Acquisitions, Avanath Capital Management

The Solution

Avanath underwent a rigorous process to determine the best software solution for their firm. After recently raising a fund, Avanath sought to find a tool that would allow their Acquisitions team to move fast and efficiently. Ultimately, they chose Dealpath due to its real estate focus, data centralization capabilities, and awardwinning platform design and UI, which made it easy and simple to use. According to Connor Mortland, Director of Acquisitions, “Dealpath worked with our team to report data and properties in our preferred format and template, so we’re able to summarize information transparently for our executives and our entire team quickly.”

The Results

Dealpath saves Avanath over 5 hours of work every week per person, enabling the Acquisitions team to evaluate more properties and hit their business goals.

With Dealpath, Avanath has been able to streamline their pipeline tracking, deal management process, and team collaboration. Mortland said, “Pipeline is easy with Dealpath. You can literally click a button and send out a report to the entire company.” In addition to pipeline tracking, Dealpath helped Avanath transform their team collaboration with Tasks & Workflows, allowing them to easily assign important tasks and track them across multiple projects so nothing is ever missed.

In addition to streamlined task management and instant reporting capabilities, Avanath is able to tour properties in new geographical and market areas, allowing the firm to accelerate the growth of its footprint and deploy its investment capital more strategically and decisively

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