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The *Real* Art of the Deal

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Mike Sroka, CEO & Co-Founder
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(Note: This is a repost from the original Medium post dated Oct 5, 2016)

Commercial real estate deal management is a highly partisan issue in the 2016 election season. This issue is not between Democrats, Republicans or Libertarians, but make no mistake, it’s decision time and the stakes are high in the $15 trillion CRE industry. A new guard is driving change with innovative processes and tools powering effectiveness into the future.

Today we’re excited to launch Dealpath, a new software platform built for commercial real estate investment and development in the Internet Age.

Dealpath’s smart, intuitive and powerful software is designed to streamline deal management and help CRE professionals make the best investment decisions on their acquisitions, development projects, financings and dispositions.

To date, these valuable, time-sensitive transactions have been executed by a lot of people needing to exchange and understand information without specialized solutions or a standard way of doing things. They’ve managed by cobbling together a variety of different tools that were not designed for these challenges such as word document checklists of tasks, virtual data rooms, and lots and lots of email.

Dealpath is a cloud-based platform that automatically collects and organizes deal data. It enables users to efficiently distribute and track work both within their own firm and with external partners. Customizable reporting provides visibility and valuable insights into the deal pipeline that can also be exported for presentation or additional analysis. Dealpath is an easy-to-use platform freeing professionals from the administrative details that elegant software should be doing for them.

Dealpath has been borne out of years of frustration about the inefficiencies and lack of specialized solutions for CRE deal teams. I started my career at a large real estate private equity firm where I experienced these issues firsthand, and I’ve continued to hear and see the same challenges being faced by former colleagues and friends. The enormous amount of time, money, and energy poured into deal management is not the highest and best use of a firm’s valuable resources nor is it the most effective way to accomplish this important work. We hear you and we know there is a better way.

We started Dealpath more than two years ago with a clear view of the challenges to solve and the opportunities to improve deal management and collaboration. We’ve worked with hundreds of teams to understand their priorities and pain points. A new generation of CRE investment professionals has significant and growing responsibilities in this critical part of our economy. An increasingly competitive and complex marketplace requires specialized platforms, tools and services to achieve optimal outcomes.

If you’re acquiring, developing, or financing commercial property, we’re committed to raising the bar to provide better services to you.

Let’s build *real* value,



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