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Announcing Dealpath’s Strategic Partnership With NavigatorCRE

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Rob Cain, SVP of Product
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To develop an agile, scalable and competitive portfolio strategy that exceeds investor expectations, real estate investment managers must rely on all data and intelligence available. We’re excited to announce a new strategic integration partnership with NavigatorCRE, real estate’s leading business intelligence and data visualization platform. Our partnership with NavigatorCRE will create powerful synergies for institutional investors by bridging the gap between your owned portfolio and potential acquisitions or dispositions in your pipeline. 

As our partnership with NavigatorCRE evolves, Dealpath customers will be able to more fully inform their investment, portfolio and asset management strategies with data collected throughout the asset lifecycle, empowering a more holistic approach.

Uniting Owned Asset and Pipeline Data to Maximize Portfolio Value

Turning data into answers is the challenge that all real estate investment professionals face on a daily basis. Disparate data, spread across functional silos, can only yield a fragment of its potential value. Syncing pipeline data from Dealpath with other proprietary portfolio data sets in NavigatorCRE will unlock new opportunities to strengthen investment decisions through more informed underwriting assumptions, while also streamlining acquisition workflows

Connecting data sets in a seamless and scalable way presents boundless potential, particularly as economies of scale drive investors to scale deal flow and transactional activity. This new level of transparency will empower deal teams to nimbly adapt acquisition, disposition, development and debt strategies based on asset performance and portfolio data available in NavigatorCRE. 

Visualizing Pipeline Data Alongside Owned Portfolio Data in NavigatorCRE

Understanding projected asset performance is vital to maximizing portfolio value and optimizing ongoing operations. Feeding pipeline data from Dealpath into NavigatorCRE will complement existing accounting, leasing, valuation and sustainability information available in the platform, creating a clearer and more complete view of your assets throughout each respective stage. Closing the loop on data collected throughout the asset lifecycle will empower stakeholders across the business to act with greater speed, precision and conviction. 

For example, this transparency will enable portfolio management teams to reconsider owned asset strategies based on current market opportunities. Additionally, real-time visibility into acquisition pipelines will help portfolio management teams to better plan for upcoming capital requirements and anticipate fund allocation impacts.

Outperform the Competition With Real-Time Pipeline and Portfolio Visibility

In a competitive landscape where speed is key to capitalizing on time-sensitive investment opportunities, centralized and structured data is the only way to fuel strategic portfolio growth at scale.

We are committed to continual improvement of Dealpath’s ‘Investment Command Center’, creating even greater value for our institutional clients as the single source of truth for investment decisions. As the proptech ecosystem matures, we look forward to adding additional integration opportunities and developing new industry partnerships that deliver value for our clients. 


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