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From Implementation to ROI: Dealpath Customer Success Webinar Recap

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Your data-driven real estate investment strategy is only as strong as the technology supporting it. Choosing a deal management solution provider is more than picking software off the shelf–it’s a strategic, long-term business decision that directly impacts your firm’s ability to harvest intelligence and build efficiencies.

Back in June, the Dealpath team hosted a webinar about how to maximize deal management results, from implementation to ROI. B2B software can be like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get, but it shouldn’t be–solutions should always yield clear, measurable value and momentum to help you accomplish defined goals. In this blog post, we’ll recap how to invest with the best long-term, goal-oriented deal management partnership and master change management. 

Don’t forget to watch the webinar on-demand to learn how your firm can achieve lasting, scalable and quantifiable deal management results. 

Results, Reputation, Runway: Research Solution Providers Upfront

The last thing you want in a solution is a short-lived or poorly executed solution, especially when that solution is shoring up your competitive advantage and helping you better manage multi-million dollar investment decisions. In the early stages of your evaluation, prioritize researching the reputation of the provider in question to ensure they’re qualified to partner with your business.

Has the real estate investment software provider helped other companies like yours to achieve measurable ROI? If not, deriving value that drives your bottom line–and is easily justifiable to senior management–could be challenging.

Is the software purpose-built for–with features that are informed by–commercial real estate firms like yours? Understanding the relationship of the solution provider within the broader context of the market can be telling. The more closely product development has been influenced by similar firms, the better positioned you’ll be to benefit from ongoing value as the provider responds to feedback, releases new features and your needs or strategies evolve. Providers that fail to capture the market majority–or are catching up–could miss valuable insight into how to best serve their clients.

Finally, based on these factors, consider the runway of the solution provider. Is the provider generating substantive cash flow, paired with VC-sourced funding, to support your needs for the long haul? Or, will they succumb to competitive pressures in a challenging market environment? Choosing a solution provider with reliable capital access and demonstrable longevity can offer the confidence needed to make this long-term decision.

Having created the deal management category in 2014, Dealpath is trusted by 7 of the top 10 institutional investors and recently secured a $43M series C funding round led by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital.

Look for a Goal-Oriented, Partner-Led Implementation Process

Whether you’re transitioning to a new deal management platform from another provider or spreadsheets and post-its, you need support to take things off the ground. After all, how can you achieve the results you set out to receive without guidance from a platform expert?

During the webinar, we reviewed Dealpath’s goal-oriented implementation process, from importing deal data, to workflow configuration, reporting automation, and more. We also discussed the value of Dealpath-led team trainings in successful change management as your firm works to enforce adoption. 

In the webinar, you’ll hear firsthand how Dealpath helped a top 10 investment manager eliminate manual data entry, break down silos and quickly analyze potential opportunities across various business lines.

Prioritize Ongoing Support as Strategies & Needs Evolve

In an increasingly dynamic commercial real estate market, the strategy you define today could vary dramatically from what conditions might dictate in 6 months. When evaluating providers, prioritize a consultative, ongoing partnership to tackle new challenges and goals as they emerge.

Dealpath’s Customer Success team routinely meets with clients to ensure they have the support and product expertise necessary to maximize results. In the webinar, one of our Senior Customer Success Managers discussed routine touchpoints.

First, all customers can participate in regularly scheduled cadence calls, which offer a forum to voice requests, concerns and for our team to share recent product updates. We also covered our semi-annual reviews to uncover opportunities for optimization, discuss highlights and adapt strategies as needed.

In the webinar, we highlighted how a Dealpath client cemented the platform as a firmwide source of truth, increasing team engagement by 400%.

Define Your Ideal Solution

You know there’s an opportunity to build operational efficiencies and strengthen your competitive advantage with deal management, but where do you start? 

For some deal teams, a firmwide initiative to centralize investment data might take priority. Others might prioritize real-time pipeline tracking or configurable closing workflows and approvals.

Regardless of your needs, be sure to seek out a solution provider with the expertise and diligence to translate your needs and goals into an attainable, revenue-driving solution. In a competitive market, you can’t afford to compromise on your process and strategy–which has driven your success–just to make room for software.

Watch the Webinar On-Demand to Learn More

Be sure to register for the on-demand webinar to learn more about how your firm can invest with the best long-term, goal-oriented partnership. 

To request a Dealpath demo, click here.

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