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Announcing Dealpath’s Strategic Integration Partnership With Cherre

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Rob Cain, SVP of Product
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At Dealpath, our goal has always been to create the ‘investment command center’ that institutional investment managers need to source, manage and execute multi-million dollar investment deals, while also acting as the firmwide source of truth. Over the past few years, we’ve been lucky enough to partner with some of the industry’s largest CRE investors, such as Oxford, Principal, Blackstone, Bridge Investment Group, Nuveen and many others, delivering scalable deal management solutions that enable data-driven portfolio growth, powered by real-time data analytics and configurable workflows.

I’m proud to announce that, directly following our Morgan Stanley-led $43M series C closing, we’ve formed a key industry integration partnership with Cherre, real estate’s leading data aggregator. Dealpath customers will be able to more fully leverage their transaction, analysis and underwriting data with Cherre’s market-leading network of information sources. Over time, as we evolve the integration between our two platforms, Dealpath customers will also be able to augment their proprietary data with information provided by Cherre, enabling more contextual information about current or targeted assets to better inform investment decisions. Our mission is simple: enable our customers to execute more deals with greater speed and precision.

Developing a Competitive Edge With Real-Time Investment & Portfolio Data in Cherre

This integration partnership will offer customers already leveraging Cherre’s powerful data aggregation platform the opportunity to hydrate Cherre with data stored in Dealpath. Cherre customers that rely on Dealpath as their system of record for investment activity will now be able to integrate real-time acquisition and disposition pipeline data, underwriting information, financial models, comparables and other key information stored in Dealpath.

Introducing investment deal data into Cherre will empower customers to make more strategic decisions across the asset lifecycle. Dealpath data will further augment data-driven market evaluation, portfolio health monitoring, and allow customers to more readily identify key operational and financial trends affecting their assets and portfolios.

Cherre accomplishes this through a robust data aggregation platform that commingles and standardizes disparate, real-time datasets, including customer data sourced from asset management & ERP platforms. This proprietary data is augmented with third-party information such as public record data, demographics, construction activity, market and economic data and myriad other sources. Cherre marries these data streams, delivering powerful analytics and more insights into owned assets, potential acquisitions and the broader real estate markets.

Surfacing Market and Portfolio Data in Dealpath

As our integration partnership with Cherre evolves, Cherre will hydrate Dealpath with additional third-party datasets, bolstering your investment command center with even more contextual information. When evaluating deals, we anticipate that customers will be able to reference dozens of key data fields about an asset and the surrounding market after simply entering an address, providing numerous competitive & operational advantages.

Dealpath customers will achieve significant operational efficiencies and save valuable time by leveraging data sourced through Cherre’s vast library of information partners directly in Dealpath, eliminating the need to rekey critical asset & market information. This integration will also accelerate the deal evaluation process by minimizing the time normally required to access  external research services, accelerating asset review & underwriting.

Beyond speed and efficiency, integrating data from Cherre into Dealpath will also empower investors to act with greater conviction by validating the accuracy of information provided by sellers in OMs, or surfacing potentially inaccurate data early on. Equipped with market-validated data points that inform key variables, customers will be able to improve the efficacy of underwriting models.

Building the Investment Command Center for Today & Tomorrow

As the pace of transactions accelerates, and market players aim to move faster than ever on the most sought-after opportunities, deal teams must leverage all of the information they can to act quickly and confidently. Structured, centrally available data is the key deal acceleration, systematizing investment processes and, ultimately, scale.

Dealpath continues to expand its capabilities, solidifying our platform as the ‘single source of truth’ used by hundreds of CRE investment firms, including six of the top 10 investment managers globally. We realize that there are ample opportunities to better serve investment professionals on Dealpath with mission-critical data through integrations like the one we proudly announced this week. In 2022 and beyond, we will continue partnering with key proptech players in delivering solutions that unlock maximum portfolio value.


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